5 things you buy brand new that you could buy second hand

It’s National Op-Shop week! Time to whip out your coins and your notes and head to your local second hand store to support the reuser-revolution, and of course, the charities who host these stores along the way. Shopping at an op-shop means you’re spending less, helping the environment by making sure ‘stuff’ doesn’t end up…

7 reasons you need to visit Australia’s South West

Western Australia was the last State or Territory I visited in this great, wide land of Australia. It’s enormous. And I only visited a tiny pocket, the South West. And it was just beautiful. Greeted by crystal clear waters and blinding sunny days, lush greenery and pre-historic rock formations, it truly overwhelmed me with its beauty….

The end of the line. Why Greyhound racing had to end.

This week, the NSW Government banned grey hound racing. For many animal activists (like myself), this is great news. Many animal welfare organisations like Animals Australia have campaigned really strongly for this to happen for about 18 months now, and for much longer before that. After the Four Corners story, “Making a Killing” aired, exposing…

How to travel ethically and sustainably

Winter is setting in here in Australia and I’m preparing for a multi-week holiday across the world and over to Europe and the UK. As an environmentalist, many would say I shouldn’t even be hopping on a flight. I should save the carbon miles and stay home. Although I get incredibly anxious about the environmental…

30 days to Grexy

I undertook Sustainable Table’s #DropDeadGrexy challenge for the month of April. The aim? To be as sustainable and eco friendly as possible every day for the whole month.

6 environmentally friendly hacks to save the planet with today!

Making big changes can be scary and not easy to do. And trying to save the planet can be one massively overwhelming thought. So what if by making small changes we could make a positive transformation for planet earth? With these incredibly simply environmentally friendly life hacks, you can.

Easy ways to have a sustainable Easter

It’s Easter time! The only time of the year that it’s acceptable to gorge on chocolate before 9am in the morning. But what is the environmental cost of this long weekend? Here are a few tips on making this holiday that little bit more sustainable, cruelty free and better for the environment. 

Tips for a sustainable Christmas

Ah Christmas! The time of year when we lose our minds over who’s cooking and spend far too much money on things that we will hate come boxing day. Here are some super handy tips to make your christmas nice and sustainable, cheaper and stress free.

Food For the Future

To celebrate their one year anniversary in Melbourne, General Assembly held a host of free events at their HQ to discuss a variety of subjects. One that caught my eye in particular was ‘Food for the Future’ – a panel discussion on sustainability and culture within the food industry and what concerns we face at…